Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Discount Decor

After being a student for three years of my life and having moved each year, I came across the same problem each and every time I changed address. Although I’m a huge fan of the student lifestyle which allows you to live in your pyjamas all day while watching Jeremy Kyle with your head held high, I’m not so crazy on student living conditions. Having lived at four different addresses I’ve learnt that despite the advert stating the property is ‘furnished’, this usually means no more than you have somewhere to sit. There is nothing worse than the excitement of moving into a new home being ruined in the knowledge that you are going to have to spend an arm and a leg on making the place liveable let alone reasonably presentable. 

Naturally this want to create a homely feel to any living space usually requires a woman’s touch and in many cases consists of multiple candles, a ton of cushions and fairy light...EVERYWHERE. 

Obviously, being a thrifter I am always on the search for a bargain and I love making a room feel homely on a budget however, this becomes slightly harder when you have a large wall to fill. Despite shops such as Ikea and Asda now producing wall size canvas’s I beg to differ that £80 is a bargain let alone cause myself the embarrassment of carrying it home. Lucky having moved up North I discovered Wilkinson’s which allows you to revamp any room on a shoe string although, like Ikea they are convinced their canvas’s are picassos and refuse to sell them for less than £30. But, while I was in my second year at University I came across quite possibly the most exciting thrift of all time.

While in Wilkos I found three canvas’s, one of the Noisettes, another of Bombay Bicycle Club and the third of the band Grammatic Go Up in Smoke. They were all part of the Reggie Yates photography collection and as soon as I saw them I was in love but obviously because I picked them up they did not have a price tag on. Terrified to leave them as they were the last ones I reluctantly carried them to the till which, (because of their size) was harder than I first imaged. As the lady scanned them in she seemed slightly confused so asked a colleague before turning back to me and saying, £1.50 each! I was so amazed as they were such a bargain and were originally £14 for one! 

Despite having no where to put them at the time I bought them immediately and now having moved into a more permanent residence this year they have taken pride of place and look great together. These were definitely one of my favorite finds and one that I will continue to brag about in the future. 

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