Sunday, 14 April 2013

Fashionista Fake

Like most people I enjoy reading celebrity magazines and every so often I see something I love but due to the hefty price tag would never be able to buy with a clear conscience. However, with sites such as eBay and Etsy it has made it easy to find look alike items that will fool people into believing you were actually able to buy the real thing. With the use of websites like this although the real deal may be a four figure sum most of the time you are able to find similar items between £8.00-£15.00. Yes, you usually have to wait until they arrive from the other side of the world however, you’ve saved yourself enough money to overlook the time difference. For someone like me who lives in jeans the Hermes belt is a great way to create a fashionista look to what is usually considered as a casual item of clothing. In my experience I have also received a large amount of compliments for the look alike item. 

Despite my love for fashion on a budget, the saying ‘less is more’ has never been more appropriate as its important to keep budget items to a minimum in one outfit as nothing shouts ‘FAKE’ more than a someone wearing a pair of Louboutins while carrying a Celine handbag and having Chanel printed along there chest while clearly using public transport. Instead you should minimise the use of budget items to keep them chic and modest and remember the reason for the cheap price tag is because the item is fake so the last thing you want is for people to examine it. As long as you remember to keep your budget items to a minimum the internet can offer a vast amount for those looking for a chic and cheerful way to create a designer wardrobe. 

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