Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Liquid Gold

In the last year or two nail art has become more popular than ever and has even turned into an interesting Science. With the introduction of magnetic filings and ethanol into our polish pots nail varnish now has a clear niche in the market, with companies such as Nails Inc. and Essie leading the way in offering a new and vibrant way for woman to transform an outfit. These designs also have become very popular with celebrities such as Rihanna and prompted companies like Chanel and OPI to get in on the act of a midday manicure. 

However, like every celebrity craze, it comes with a price tag and although you may not have to re-mortgage your home to buy these little pots of gold you may feel slightly guilty. As I'm a strong believer in every nail varnish will end up gloopy and unwearable no matter the price so I refuse to spend more than £4 on a pot! Yes, you can spend time adding nail varnish remover to loosen the polish but you lose the shine and create a thinned out version of what was once your favourite colour. Thankfully because of companies such as Barry M and NYC with their bright colours and affordable price tag, there's no reason why you can't get super create with your nails. 

Having never really been a colour person I wasn't massively excited about Science effecting how we apply our nail varnish however, on a trip to Primark just before Christmas I decided to treat myself to their magnetic nail polish. Buying it mostly out of curiosity and thinking it would end up in a bag with all the other colours I'd neglected, I was reassured by the £1 sticker on the side of the bottle. Having got home I completely forgot about the nail varnish and it laid dormant in my bag for several days until I remembered I had bought it and plucked up the courage to give it a go. To my surprise, I loved it. It wasn't as harsh and extreme as I thought it might have been and was actually quite rocky, which I liked. I was completely shocked as I was expecting it to be horrendous, mainly because it was £1 from Primark! The quality was actually really good and didn't chip, it also dried really quickly. With this available in several different colours at a fraction of the price I am sold on this nail varnish! 

Despite this, I know the varnish will soon come to its end the same way as every other one but I can sleep well knowing it cost me £1!

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