Sunday, 14 April 2013

Welcome to my Blog...

So, after finishing my degree and being told by several potential employers that I need to get ‘more social’ in my online life, I have decided to write a blog. Having read a number of blogs I found that people appreciate those who write about something they know about and are generally very good at. For me I struggled to find something to blog about. Fashion has always interest me but as I’m clearly a follower and not a setter and I would be only repeating what I had learnt from others or read online. I also thought about cooking however, despite my love for food and passion for cooking I still have the ability to make all my meals taste the same, which I believe shouldn’t be encouraged. After having a big clear out of my flat this week I realised that I am very good at something. Bargain hunting!

There is a clear line between penny pinching and bargain hunting and naturally I don’t thrift with items you shouldn’t such as Helman’s Mayonnaise and Fairy liquid. Having been taught from a young age how to rummage through sales effectively and the importance of knowing the best ‘cheapo’ shops around certainly helped me through University. However, hunting for a bargain has now become something I love doing on a daily basis. There is nothing better than replying to a compliment ‘thanks £5 in a sale’ and most of the time people don’t have to ask me, as I’m a strong believer in sharing with others my most recent half priced purchases. 

This blog is going to be shop thrifting at its best I’m going to tell all about both my recent and best loved bargains I have made and give you an insight in to how to dress, modernise and live on a chic and cheap budget. 

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