Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Need for Tweed...

Having now lived in Leeds for four years and been cursed from a young age with little or no blood circulation, I’m a strong believer in layers. Despite many people in this city sporting shorts and crop tops as soon as theres a glimpse of sun, I enjoy living in jeans and jumpers until I see fit, which can naturally differ from year to year. As a result of my daily plummeting temperature, I’m a huge fan of coats and particularly jackets which can be adapted for both cold and warmer weather. 

Several months ago saw the cropped tweed jacket rise to fame with several celebrities including BeyoncĂ© and Victoria Beckham promoting its versatility in its ability to smarten up any outfit. Soon enough the craze began to reach our high streets and Zara quickly launched upon the trend with a number of different variations. Instantly I fell in love and searched everywhere for a tweed jacket which was simple and affordable. As a big fan of eBay I began my search there, which proved to be completely useless, as being inpatient I refused to buy from China and instead ended up watching hundreds of jackets I had no intention of buying. I soon gave up hope and was forced to search the high streets. Although I’m a big fan of shops like Topshop who are able to offer a more affordable and believable price for us little guys I still struggle to spend more than £20 on any item, not that I’m a cheap skate but thrifting has become somewhat of an obsession. With my obsession in full flow I was determined to grab myself a bargain however, with the style having just come off the catwalk I wasn't getting very far. Having used my thrifting skills to the best of my ability I continued to keep my eyes peeled and finally it paid off, as a few weeks later I found the perfect jacket in Primark. Now, I know Primark isn’t most peoples cup of tea and boarders on manual labour which invites you to organise and tidy the shop as you go but you can find some gems! This jacket was shoved on a reduced rail all on its own waiting for me to save it and at the reduced price of £6, I couldn’t buy it quick enough. I love this jacket as you can literally wear it with anything and make people believe it cost you a lot more than it did. It also works really well for both hot and cold weather as you are able to add layers depending on how your feeling. 

This is definitely one of my most satisfying thrifts and one that has so far lasted a long time considering it cost just £6. Beat that BeyoncĂ©! 

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