Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Woman on a mission

Granted that men naturally have the ability to over exaggerate a vast amount, one thing that they have always been correct by is that woman are obsessed with shoes. Woman are a strange species who are obsessed by objects such as diamonds, handbags and shoes which baffles many men as they continue to point out we as a species only have two feet. However, I’m a woman and that is completely irrelevant as despite being the happy owner of only two feet I have an obsession with shoes. The fact is that shoes can completely change an outfit and the way you feel. There is nothing better than leaving the normal 9-5 job and slipping on your favourite heels before going for evening drinks. Not only does this, along with an application of lip gloss change your outfit from officer worker to business woman who parties, but it also has the ability to change the way you stand and walk resulting in a boost of confidence. Naturally after several hours in heels you regret having put them on as the thought of removing them brings upon a fear that you may never be able to walk again, as you convince yourself, you’ve done it this time, you’ve caused long term damage. Despite the hours of agony we go through to add six inches to our height, not to mention the time we spend complaining, woman all over the UK will continue to spend money every day on yet another pair of heels.

Just like diamonds the price of heels are going sky high with designers like Louboutin and Jeffrey Campbell cashing in. With woman spending hundreds on a pair of heels being a thrifter has turned me into a tough cookie when it comes to shoe shopping and unless it’s a bargain all I can afford to do is look. Although I prefer boots to heels I still have my fair share having built up a collect over the years and despite not owning hundreds of pairs, I know what I like. In 2012 many celebrities were seen at parties and red carpet events wearing steel cap toe stilettos and like most woman as soon as I saw them, I needed a pair of my own. However, with price tags which could cover my rent for a couple of months I thought it would be best to forget about them and put a roof over my head. 

Having almost completely forgotten about them I spotted a pair of heels in Republic. They were completely gorgeous with a steel cap toe and metal heel and being an employee of Republic at the time came with a pretty good discount and would set me back £35. In spite of this being a thrifter and not the biggest wearer of heels £35 was slightly pushing it and I resisted. This ironically made me think about them more and obsess about why I didn’t buy them. As the Christmas sales beckoned I decided to see if my shoes were reduced and to my amazement there they were with the most beautiful red sign hanging above them….£5!  I bought them straight away knowing that even if they cause me agonising pain and I never wear them more than once, they cost £5.

I absolutely love these shoes and I've had so many compliments on them, which naturally results in me telling people the price before they can ask. Unsurprisingly they absolutely kill my feet and I end up regretting dancing in them for four hours but I’m reassured knowing that they look beautiful and a lot more expensive than they were! 

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