Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Haul...

Ok. So I had a very chilled bank holiday weekend planned as I decided to save money for a while and perhaps have a late spring clean. However, with the sun finally shining in Leeds I decided to walk into town to get some fresh air and perhaps buy some flash wipes in my pursuit to clean the house. Instead, I decided to have a brief look in Primark which, unsurprisingly, ended in a haul. 

Normally this isn’t something I would do as despite being a thrifter over the years I’ve developed a mass of Primark clothing that I have not worn enough to justify the purchase in the first place. I have also noticed that over the years the famous low price tags of Primark are now not so low. In defence of this I have found that the quality of the material has improved dramatically which has insured that your clothes no longer disintegrate on a wash higher than 30 degrees. In spite of many people throwing the Primark name under the nearest bus I am a fan of the shop and, although they may sometimes convince themselves that they have the ability to sell an item for £25+, you can still find some gems! 

Having seen a really nice pair of aztec jeans in Topshop last week and almost throwing up at the price tag, I was so happy to see that Primark had a very similar pair of jeans that were dramatically cheaper and made with a softer denim. Unfortunately due to Primark primarily relying on their customers to maintain the cleanliness of their store I was unable to try the jeans on before buying them due to the assault course of hangers and shoes that presented itself between me and the changing rooms. But, thankfully, having got them home and tried them on in the safety of my flat they were perfect and at £12 you can’t really argue! 

My second purchase was a cream loose fitted shirt and, although I have one quite similar from H&M, the material is a lot smoother as its more of a silk and a lot cheaper at £9. This looks so nice with a pair of jeans and boots for a smart causal look or alternatively you can dress it up with a skirt and heels for a night out. 

Finally I found a gem that I think everyone needs to know about... camisoles!

I’m a huge fan of camisoles as they are so versatile and easy to wear for most occasions. Recently Topshop have bought out a camisole that is available in several colours however costs £18. Although the material is nice and the colours are great I cannot warrant spending that amount of money on a strappy top. Fortunately Primark are now doing camisoles that are practically the same material at only £5! Again, I was unable to try this on before taking it home and I wasn’t holding out much hope as Primark is the king of making most clothes look nicer on hangers rather than people, but I love it! The fit is fantastic and the loose material makes it really flattering. I am so pleased with my weekend purchases and despite not having saved money I have gained three great pieces for my summer wardrobe. 

Fingers crossed next weekend I will have more self control!

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