Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hard as Nails

Since having Shellac for the first time at a local salon last month I have had a ton of compliments on the 'cake pop' colour I chose. Over the last two weeks I have become a huge fan of the shade as I find myself waking up each morning praying my Shellac has survived the night! And, with my clear nail varnish taking a hit in an effort to prolong the life of my beautiful Shellac nail, I decided to go on a hunt!

I had never seen this colour before; even by brands such as Essie who tend to set the bar quite high when it comes to the number of nail polishes companies can produce so I wasn’t too sure where to start. Obviously I was determined to grab a bargain so I stayed away from the obvious retailers charging a small fortune for something they believe is a life investment. Instead I was intent to spend no more than £3 as like most women I could open a small nail boutique with the amount of varnishes clanging around in my cupboard! With this in mind naturally I headed to Barry M in the hope they would have their own cake pop colour amongst their hundreds of shades! Unfortunately, it was not that easy. Although I was greeting with many colours (some of which should never be worn, at least not seriously) none were the same... too pink... too light... too shimmery! Having dragged myself into Super Drug looking for a bargain I decided to take a look at some other brands who are able to offer affordable prices with a variety of choice, it was then I stumbled across a brand I hadn't heard of...MUA (Make Up Academy). They sold a wide range of cosmetics from powder to primer and more importantly nail varnish and although they didn't have a wide variety, sitting on the top shelf was the perfect pink! Along with that they also had a range of pastel colours that are perfect for summer! But, better than all the colours put together was the price as I was able to buy three different colours with my £3 limit as each cost only £1! Surprisingly the quality of the varnish is amazing and dries really quickly which is great if you doing your nails before running out the door! Its also a great excuse to go bold and try out some colours you would usually stay away from in the knowledge that at least you can say I tried it! One of the colours I chose was a mint green which is very unlike me as I usually stay away from colours that clash with freckles! Having said that, I absolutely love the colour and its great for spring!

I’m hopeful that despite adding yet another three more little pots of joy to my boutique these pastel colours will definitely brighten me up in what has now turned out to be a very wet day in Leeds!


  1. Got to love MUA, I need to try more of their nail polishes!

    Nice blog - have given you a follow :)

    Olivia x

  2. They really are brilliant and so cheap!

    Thank you for the follow your blog is great, I will be sure to follow you back!

    Em x