Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Look Love...

While putting together this week’s Style Steal I came across a khaki green army jacket from New Look which had me obsessed as not only was the jacket amazing but the price tag was £48.99 reduced to £11.00. I absolutely love this style of jacket and have had a similar one for years. Unfortunately, last summer it became slightly worse for wear after going to a party which involved paint, so it is now half pink and although for most people in Leeds this may add to its vintage appearance, I think I look like a hobo. 

Anyway, having seen this jacket on the New Look website I decided to go and see if they had any left which I didn’t think they would due to it being sold out online. Thankfully there it was bundled in with a variety of similar jackets up for grabs! Surprisingly I wasn’t sold on it completely at first as I debated whether I’d wear it enough but my reluctancy to put it down clearly proved I wasn’t going to leave without it. I was so happy once I’d bought it, not only due to bagging myself another bargain but it’s so versatile as you can dress it up or keep it casual. The quality of the jacket is also really good and made with a thick cotton material. Having worn it all week I have had a ton of compliments from people asking me where it's from which is always nice when you’ve only spent a thrifty £11.00. But, whats even better than the bargain is the fact that because so many people are reluctant to skim through the sale racks, I’m hopefully not going to bump into my twin anytime soon. 


  1. Great find! I can never be bothered to look through sale racks!

  2. Thanks! It's definitely worth having a go, you can find some gems!