Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Show me the Midi...

Since first coming into fashion last summer, the midi dress has been seen on almost every A-lister going and having been in the limelight for a number of seasons, there has been several adaptations of the garment.  From pastels to graphic prints, midi dresses can now be found in a variety of different styles for any given occasion. 

Having been a jeans girl for most of my life, the thought of getting my legs out for any event fills me with dread as I convince myself that jeans and a nice top would be more fitting. In spite of this, I have found I am a big fan of the midi dress as although there is a need to bare some leg, it’s ability to be bought on a budget makes it ever more attractive.
Recently I have been tempted into River Island due to my intrigue with the launch of Rihanna’s new clothing line and although I would never wear any of the line myself, as a result of its overwhelming, less than subtle appearance, the graphic style print I have become a fan of. While trawling through the collection I found a great graphic midi dress, however, with its less than inviting price tag it was definitely a ‘look but don't touch’ scenario! Having fallen in love with the design and fit of the dress I started to search online for one similar and more within my price range. As I wasn’t too sure where to begin my search, I typically started with ASOS for its ability to sell a wide range of products from both high street and designer labels. Despite seeing several similar versions ranging between £30-£40, I knew I could get something cheaper. Having scoured the ASOS sale, I stumbled upon a graphic midi dress that not only had an amazing open back, it was in my price range. yet again, however, my brain kicked in and slammed the reduced £20 price tag with the question ‘where would I wear it?’. Now I know this question should never have been asked when being greeted by a bargain, but this girl has to eat! Although my initial reaction was that of a woman possessed, I knew the bargain would not be justified if I had nowhere to wear it.

I left it a couple of weeks and typically being sat on eBay I decided to search for the dress. Unsurprisingly I didn't find it, yet as one link led to another, by some miracle I stumbled across exactly the same dress! I bid my highest offer at £10 as I vowed not to go crazy but I didn't hold much hope as most of the time I'm out bid at the finish line. Incredibly, I won the bid and purchased the dress that was originally reduced from £45 to £20 for £10.50 including postage and packaging! When it arrived it was a great fit and remarkably, I didn't feel the need to hide my legs, (at least not immediately!) I was so happy to have secured such a bargain and although I have nowhere to wear it, it can sit in my wardrobe until I do!