Monday, 24 June 2013

Head over Heels....

Yet again I find myself surrounded by clothes after yet another after work browse that turned into a purchase as a result of instant love for yet another pair of shoes. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am a sucker for a pair of stilettos and despite having numerous pairs I have the ability to convince myself that adding one more pair to my collection is an innocent act of love while my boyfriend confirms once again I don’t need them. But, with a price tag as low as this who can complain! 

I’ve been after a simple black pair of stilettos for a while after seeing Miranda Kerr wearing a pair at London Fashion Week. I fell in love with them there and then as not only are they so simple and elegant but they go with everything! Now, obviously I was aiming for a pair slightly cheaper than Kerrs £800 Louboutins and being a thrifter I was excited for the chase! I started my search in New Look having always been a huge fan of their fantastic shoe collection however, with heels getting bulkier and higher I was struggling to locate a sleek, slim pair of stiletto heels. Determined not to accept defeat I continued to search the high street from Internacionale to Topshop but as the price persisted to increase I was having no such luck! Thankfully Leeds is blessed with a large and somewhat tidy Primark store, which you can usually count on having the latest up to date items straight from production. Having finally pushed my way through the humid sea of people and battled my way to the shoe section I saw my ideal pair of shoes. In spite of this my joy was particularly short lived as I found only one left foot in a size 6 which was completely useless as I was in need of both the right and left foot in a size 3. Convinced I had finally found the perfect pair I continued to search the shop top to bottom in the hope of stumbling across my size. Unfortunately I kept hitting that giant brick wall that pops up every so often when you’re a thrifter, but thankfully I found a size 4 which despite being slightly roomy, with the help of Primarks adjustable insole for £1 I accepted defeat and bought the shoes! 

I finally had the perfect pair setting me back just £8! These are a fantastic buy as they go with almost everything and are really comfortable to wear. They are also a great shoe to chuck on for a quick change before rushing out the house and have the ability to make every outfit look elegant. As well as that, and more importantly for me they look great with a pair of jeans!


  1. They look great I couldn't believe it when I read they were only £8 and from Primark. I have to say I'm not a massive fan of Primark but they are definitely getting a better shoe selection if this is anything to go by. X

    1. Primark have quite a good collection recently. These ones are arriving soon, really want them!