Monday, 8 July 2013

Make Up Must Haves...

So this weekend I found myself in the thriving city of Manchester visiting my younger brother who's preparing himself for Future Works film school this September. Although kipping in halls made me massively miss my first year and give me an overwhelming feeling of jealousy towards my brother as he does it all over again, I loved meeting so many of his friends who also shared an interest in film and all had a variety of talents and interests.

While introducing me to a team of friends working on a film with him I was lucky enough to meet a well established make up artist who flew to stardom on YouTube sharing her talents with the world through online tutorials. Anchal Seda began as a theatrical makeup artist which is a science in itself, this gradually escalated to makeup tutorials after she was bombarded by requests on her YouTube channel. Anchal has worked with a vast amount of brands and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to makeup. She has also most recently become the winner of  the Daily Mix Beauty Bootcamp competition on YouTube presented by Youtube celebrity Pixiwoo. I was lucky enough to collaborate with Anchal while in Manchester and although being a Mac girl at heart she also has a keen interest in high street brands and was kind enough to introduce me to her makeup must haves on a budget!

I absolutely love the products Anchal picked out as being a make up artist she can appreciate and understand the subtle differences between brands and know which is the best quality for your money! Check out what Anchal had to say in the video below and remember to subscribe!

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