Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer Lovin'

Oh god, it's that word again, the word that provokes thousands of people a day to flock to stores around the country as they convince themselves they are so broke this is the only place willing to accept their bank cards. Primark. 

Although many people's lips curl at the thought of wearing clothing from Primark there's no denying its definitely a strong contender in the battle of the high street, and it's certainly not coming last! Over the years Primark has identified key trends and produced them at an affordable price. Obviously due to their low price tags many items are pretty basic but when they get it right, wow they get it right! 
I bought these glasses for £2.50 which if your like me and always misplacing your sunnies is great as theres no problem if you loose them or worse break them. They are also oozing style as round sunnies are definitely in this summer and can transform any bland looking outfit into a fashion frenzy. In spite of their rounded style they don’t shout Willy Wonka which is great, if like me, your condemned with a round chubby face as they are actually quite flattering.

As well as sunnies Primark are also selling denim shorts for £5! Having seen these in store I bought them with the idea of bringing them back the following week as I was convinced they were going to insist on baring my back side to the city of Leeds. Surprisingly they are weren’t ‘hot pants’ at all and are actually a great length and at £5 I couldn't resist so bought myself both the blue denim and white pair! 

This summer Primark are also stocking some great summer dresses which have even got me interested despite my need to cover my legs at all times! I bought this mint green summer dress for £12, which although for me was pushing the boat out, was a complete bargain as not only do I love it but I also wore it to my cousins summer wedding and received a number of complements! This is a fantastic dress for the day time and as a result of the lace detail can be just as complementary in the evening. 

I would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to spruce up their summer wardrobe on a budget to give primark a go as its a key contender for fast fashion on a shoe string! 

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