Friday, 23 August 2013

'25 Random Facts About Myself'

OK so, having been missing in action after a very nice holiday at home attempting to tan myself and failing dismally, I’m back! Obviously despite my want to continue blogging over summer I was quite clearly unsuccessful however, now I am home and greeted with summer sale signs I will be back blogging and finding the best bargains on the high street and naturally documenting each and every triumph! Thankfully, although I’ve not got any bargains to share with you all, (as a result of being on an island for 3 weeks,) I have recently been tagged in the bloggers challenge ‘25 random facts about yourself’ which ironically came at the perfect time. So while I ready myself for the sales heres a few things you may not know about me...

1. I wear contact lenses 
Unfortunately I'm unable to walk in a straight line without the help of glasses, despite my brother having perfect vision.

2. I have size 3 feet
Ironically all my close friends also have small feet which is very handy when you need to borrow shoes! 

3. I have two dimples on the bottom of my back 
I have no idea what they are for...

4. I have 6 piercings 
All in my ears which is very boring although I did pierce 4 of them myself.

5. I cut my hair myself 
I have a slight fear of the hairdressers ever since my mum made me get a bob so I cut my hair myself and have done for about 3 years. 

6. I'm always doing my nails 
I'm a sucker for a nail varnish which is very annoying and expensive as I still always wear the same colour. 

7. I'd like a puppy called ted 
I would love a yorkshire terrier called ted but I refuse to give in as we don't have a garden for him to play in. 

8. I love Maltesers
I also wrote to Maltesers when I was younger asking them to make white malteasers but never heard back. Ironically these have now been invented and I'm clearly missing out on royalties. 

9. I love abba! 
I'm obsessed! Its so sad they broke up as I would love to see them live! 

10. My favourite shop is H&M 
Amazing value for money and always bang on trend.

11. I love rubbish television 
Jerseylicious, The Real Housewives, Jersey Couture, If its American...I love it! 

12. I hate watching sports 
Despite going to a sport school I am not remotely interested in watching sports on television, its very dull. 

13. I'm always playing with my hair
As most of my friends will known I'm constantly fiddling with my hair which infuriates my family, but I can't stop. 

14. I can click my hip joint out of place
I fell over once at school and discovered I could do it. It has also evolved into a great party trick. 

15. I hate spiders with a passion 
Quite easily the most revolting things to every grace this planet...rank. 

16. I love milk
Its the best cure for a hangover too. 

17. My favourite cosmetic range is MAC
Although I love a bargain you can't scrimp on quality. 

18. I love cooking 
Although I'm not to good at it, I love having a go despite most of my meals ending up tasting the same. 

19. My favourite meal is lasagne 
This I can cook! I love lasagne as I'm a big fan of pasta so pasta with a load of sauce and cheese is just heaven! 

20. I have a huge fear of chocolate orange
I don't know where this came from but ever since I was small looking at a Terry's Chocolate Orange sends my gag reflex into overload! 

21. My favourite alcoholic drink is a white wine spritza 
Taking after my parents I'm a spritza drinker which although makes me sound 52 rather than 22 I'm loud and proud. 

22. I'm obsessed with musicals
Having not been blessed with a voice its quite sad to know that I will never grace the Westend with my presents. 

23. My favourite city is Paris 
Having been there a few times I love the city despite being unable to say a word in French. 

24. I'm in love with Eminem
Although he is a notorious bad boy I would quite happily become Mrs Marshall. 

25. My favourite colour is nude 
I'm obsessed with nude colours but I'm attempting to branch out after constantly being made fun of by my friends due to my fear of colour.  

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