Monday, 16 March 2015

Beauty: Budget or Bust?

Ok, so as far as I'm aware I've never done a beauty review, nor am I going to start now as despite having had about 10 years practice, I'm definitely not well educated in the application of make up! Instead I'm going to share with you a budget or bust product that has recently saved me a buck or two!

For years I've been using Mac Pro Longwear and despite trying out a variety of foundations from Mac this is definitely my favourite! Recently I found myself constantly worrying about using too much as it isn't the cheapest of products so with this in mind I thought I'd give the high street a go. Having done this in the past I've tried to steer clear of doing it again as I always seem to ended up spending double the amount trying to find one that suits me, so this time I decided to do my research and find one I really like. I read a ton of reviews for Bourjois Beauty Mix and after standing in Superdrug covering my hand in an array of different shades I finally found one that suited my skin tone and after wearing it for the last two weeks...I'm in love! The texture of Bourjois Healthy Mix is very similar to Mac's Pro Longwear and considering its less than half price it also has a much longer staying power, an amazing smell and can be built up depending on the occasion. Obviously I'm not suggesting for one moment that its ideal for everyone however if you have normal skin and fancy a change or the chance to save yourself some money then I'd definitely suggest giving it a go!

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